Baby Violet

On February 5, a most beautiful pink bundle came into the world – Violet Queenie.

Her loving parents were my first ever couple that I photographed as a part of this biz back in 2013 (you can see them sitting pretty here) so it was such an honour to document their greatest adventure when she was still very new to this world.

[…] I can’t really explain how I feel when I look at my daughter. My heart aches from being so full and at times I’m afraid I will eat her, I’ve never known a love like it and at times i’m speechless. She is EVERYTHING. She’s the air I breath, my determination to create her an amazing life, she is the reason I am strong and I never want to be weak, She is the first smile I see everyday, She has filled my life with so much love I’ll be forever grateful to her for choosing me as her mum. Even when I was young I always knew that I would have a daughter and I knew when I first saw her that she was the one, she was exactly like I had imagined. As she grows we grow closer to her, we are so lucky to know her. Move Mountains my Violet Queenie. Images by Lisa Hayman Photography. […]

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